Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vertical Shaft Impactor


  • High reliability & convenient installation, use and maintenance.
  • Diversiform parts can be chosen and key components of well-known international brands.
  • Extensive range of model suitable for crushing and shaping of different materials.
  • Ability to control product grading, maximizing or minimizing fines production.
  • Perfectly economical & less cost of running and maintenance.
  • Longer wear life of consumable component.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Adaptable and versatile.

RD ROR(I) series of vertical shaft impact crusher is not only used in extremely hard material, but also used in very different material properties of the artificial sand, pre-grinding of cement, mining, refractories and other industries, such as granite, basalt, limestone quartz stone, gnesis , cement clinker, concrete aggregates, ceramic raw materials, iron ore, gold, copper, corundum, bauxite silica, etc.

Max Feeding size of Material ()mm
RD ROR(I)500 35 20~68
RD ROR(I)1000 40 35~135
RD ROR(I)2000 45 53~240
RD ROR(I)3000 52 80~430

Why Vertical Shaft Impactor by RD Group is Superior?

RD Group specializes in offering Vertical Shaft Impactor series that can be used to deal with very tough mineral and also for dealing with materials with different properties such as artificial sand, cement pre-grinding, refractories, mining etc. Our VSI or Vertical Shaft Impactors are also widely used in industries that deal with materials like cement clinkers, bauxite silica, granite, corundum, basalt, copper, gnesis, gold, quartz or limestone, ceramic raw materials, concrete aggregates and iron ore.

Where is it useful?

Our Vertical Shaft Impactor series is perfect for the production of fine materials, pre milling and cubical products of high quality. It specializes in utilizing two unique methods of crushing such as tone on rock and rock on rock method. We design it in such a way that it works on a rotor within its crushing chamber.

How it works?

The material that requires to be crushed is fed to the Vertical Shaft Impactor we have designed through its huge opening on the top and reaches down to the mid section of its rotor which has the ability to rotate with huge speed. It is then discarded at an immense speed through the centrifugal rotor force with full force that makes the material to clash with the impactor plate and then gets crushed.

Features of Vertical Shaft Impactor

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly reliable and ease of convenience
  • Availability of choice of diversiform parts
  • Key components manufactured by reputed international brands
  • Has full control over grading products
  • Low running costs and economical
  • Maximizes or minimizes production
  • Components have longer life
  • Versatile and highly adaptable

Why choose Vertical Shaft Impactor from RD Group?

We at RD Group manufacture our Vertical Shaft Impactor in such a way that the crushing parts are strong and sturdy that lowers its wear and tear. Even if used in production in a constant manner, there is very less or no change in the shape of the materials as the parts has high efficiency. By low amount of wear and tear of inner parts, we mean that there is no need to spend huge sums on replacements of spares even in the long run. As our VSI is designed to emit very less noise and vibration, our machine is eco friendly as there is very less pollution involved in its operation.

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