The RD Circle serves as a focal point of beauty and elegance in center of the city. Nestled in Karmayogi Nagar, it stands as a testament to the RD Group’s dedication to enhancing the aesthetics of Nasik. With its thoughtfully landscaped gardens, well-planned green spaces, and artistic installations, the RD Circle has become a serene oasis for residents and visitors alike. It not only adds a touch of class to the city but also offers a space where people can unwind, socialize, and connect with nature.

RD Circle was Inaugurated by Shir Dadaji Bhuse (Minister of Guardian of Nashik) and expressed his delight at the development projects undertaken by RD Group. He commended the company’s dedication to improving the quality of life for Nashik’s citizens and praised their vision for a more progressive and vibrant city. Chief Guest Hon’ble Shrimati Seematai Hire, MLA of Maharashtra Vidhansabha & Hon’ble Dr. Ashok Karanjkar, Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Nashik, , lauded RD Group’s efforts in contributing to Nashik’s growth.