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Product Description

RD Screens are a product of decades of experience in crushing limestone, Basalt, Granite to Gabbro (hardest rock).
Each and every component has been field tested on a wide range of application processes. RD group has integrated these test results and customer feedbacks and developed the Screens to provide more reliable solutions.
Ideally screens form the heart of any crushing process, an efficient screen can enhance the capacity to upto 10-15%.
In-Process with efficient screen we also need good and efficient screening accuracy, dust encapsulation systems, wide range of screening media ie from Carbon Steel, Punched Plate Design as well as Polyurethane media to other rubber medias.

12 x 4 12ft x 4ft 48ft2 10 HP
12 x 5 12ft x 5ft 60ft2 10 HP
14 x 5 14ft x 5ft 70ft2 15 HP
16 x 5 16ft x 5ft 80ft2 20 HP
18 x 5 18ft x 5ft 90ft2 20 HP
20 x 5 20ft x 5ft 100ft2 25 HP
20 x 6 20ft x 6ft 120ft2 25 HP
22 x 6 22ft x 6ft 180ft2 30 HP

➣ Modular Bolted Design, zero residual stress.

➣ Full control on the amplitude of the screen by adjusting the Unbalances masses.

➣ Negligible maintenance and wide application installations

➣ Wide Range of Media applications availability

➣ Circular Motion creating uniform screening


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