Maharashtra's Premier VSI Crusher Manufacturer

Maharashtra's Premier VSI Crusher Manufacturer

Embark on a journey of unparalleled crushing solutions with the foremost VSI Crusher manufacturer in Maharashtra, India. RD VSI Crushers, shaped by extensive customer feedback, are designed to efficiently, reliably, and economically crush and shape feed materials into desired end products.

Featuring a simple grease lubrication system, adjustable rotor speed, material flow options through Cascade and Bi-flow, and numerous high-performance features, each VSI Crusher model is versatile, user-friendly, and highly productive.

The wide field of use for VSI Crushers adapts effortlessly to the ever-changing demands of producing shaped aggregates, plaster, or concrete sand. These crushers are ideal for Tertiary and Quaternary crushing applications, offering flexibility in maximizing or minimizing finer aggregates as needed.

Optimizing fine generations and ensuring excellent aggregate shape are the hallmarks of VSI Crushers. Tailored for Tertiary, Quaternary, and Concrete & Plaster Sand Making applications, these crushers boast a compact and easy-to-service design, making them perfect for diverse installations.

RD VSI Crushers provide a perfect match for applications requiring easy maintenance, with each model featuring a large feed opening relative to its size. Choose VSI Crushers for power, smooth material flow, cubical-shaped aggregates, and the highest capacity.

Elevate your crushing operations with technology that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, redefining the standards of VSI crushing excellence.

Maharashtra's Premier VSI Crusher Manufacturer
ROR 50 20 25 50HP 1000 - 22000 SINGLE
ROR 100 32 105 100HP 1000 - 22000 SINGLE
ROR 150 32 150 150HP 1000 - 1800 SINGLE
ROR 200 35/38 200 120HP X 2 1000 - 1400 DUAL
ROR 250 40 250 150HP X 2 1000 - 1400 DUAL
ROR 300 45 300 180HP X 2/300HP 1000 - 1400 DUAL/SINGLE
ROR 330 45 330 215HP X 2 1000 - 1400 DUAL
ROR 370 45 400 240HP X 2 1000 - 1400 DUAL
ROR 440 45 500 300HP X 2 1000 - 1400 DUAL

➣ Accepts any type of feed.

➣ Low service and maintenance requirements along with minimum operating and wear costs.

➣ Quick and easy installation.

➣ Superior cubical shape.

➣ Widest range of models available to suit any capacity in tertiary or quaternary applications.

➣ Economical capital cost.

➣ Rock-on-rock technology minimizes wear part requirements.

➣ Ability to control product grading, maximising or minimising fines production.

➣ Simple, reliable grease lubrication.


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